About Bull Valley

What is Bull Valley?

Surrounded by established municipalities, the Village defines its role as a green area separating those cities.  Its unique glacial topography, extensive forestation and other natural endowments have esthetic value and regional importance.  The preservation of open space is fundamental to environmental and ecological stability and of vital importance in an expanding metropolitan area.

Bull Valley differs from its neighbors because of its large lots and sizable areas of open space that contribute to the rural atmosphere and are an integral part of the everyday living environment.  Where most communities develop dense business districts and town centers with neighborhoods and larger lots fanning out from that center, Bull Valley reverses this model, retaining large parcels of land centrally in the core of the village, many in dedicated conservation easements and private and public nature preserves, with smaller lot development occurring at the edges of the village.

To preserve the character of the Village, the basic policy of 5-acre residential zoning has been and must continue to be strictly maintained; some parcels smaller than 5 acres are already within the village boundaries.  Most of these parcels were annexed into the village as part of multiple large parcel annexations.

The character of the residential streets in Bull Valley is an important element of the character of the entire Village.  On all village roads, the visual image that has been created is that of country living.

Consistent with the rural character of the village, Bull Valley encourages a dark at night atmosphere with minimal street lighting; minimal air, water and noise pollution; minimal disruption of the landscape by utility lines, strict signing and advertising regulations including a ban on billboards, and preservation of a country feeling to village roads