Parks Department

Parks Department

     The Village of Bull Valley is pleased to announce its off-leash dog park at the corner of Country Club and Bull Valley Roads.  Under a cooperative agreement between the City of Woodstock and the Village, both Woodstock and Bull Valley residents within municipal limits of either the City of Woodstock or the Village of Bull Valley, will be entitled to purchase permits at the same resident rates.  The seven acre park is open year around for your enjoyment.

      ANNUAL PERMITS:  Resident permits are $65.00 a year for up to two dogs with an additional fee of $15.00 for each additional dog.  Non-resident permits are $135.00 a year, with an additional fee of $30.00 for each additional dog.

      All permits will be issued on a first come first served basis.  Permits require a rabies tag number and a photo of each for each dog being registered.  Up to four dogs can be registered on an individual permit but only two registered dogs may be brought into the park under any permit at one time.  Applicants can download their forms and dog park rules here or pick up forms at Village Hall.  Completed applications can be returned to the Village by mail or dropped off at Village Hall.

      For information or to apply for a permit, please visit the Village of Bull Valley Hall, 1904 Cherry Valley Road., during business hours, or call the Village Clerk at 815-459-4833.

Dog Park Membership Application & Rules

      Annual Dog Park Permit*   

      Liability Waiver*  

      Rules for Off Leash at Dog Park* 

Savannah Restoration Area

        The ten acres north of the dog park is a remnant Oak Savannah and has been targeted by the Village for restoration and inclusion of passive use walkways.  It contains about twenty old established Oak trees and some Hickories.  Work on the savannah restoration began in September 2014 with a grant from ComEd’s Green Regions Program.  Invasive growth under key oaks was herbicided.  Over the winter, the grounds were cleared of dead trees and fallen limbs by a much appreciated volunteer.  The first round of pruning to preserve the Oaks was done in March.  Restoration efforts began the following fall with more herbiciding and then seeding.
        A demonstration garden was established by the entrance to the park, to show some of the plants that eventually will be in the restored area.  A walkway to the restoration area was established and is kept mowed during the haying season.  Interpretive signs have been installed explaining the restoration progress.  Although there isn’t much to see yet, by next season there should be better growth of the newly seeded natives.  The public is invited to park by the Dog Park and take the path to view the restored area.
        In order to protect the delicate seedlings, please keep all dogs on a leash when visiting the restoration area.