Join The Village

There are many good reasons to join the Village of Bull Valley. Our police department offers a personal touch not found in unincorporated areas. Adding your land into the unique land conservation that the Village stands for helps protect the natural beauty of the area as other municipalities continue to increase urban sprawl. The Village is now beginning the process of adding properties and residents into our Village. Our main goal is to infill areas between existing properties throughout the area. Many parcels are contiguous to us which could be brought in easily. The Board will discuss pre-annexation agreements with owners who are not currently contiguous, but are interested in joining us when they can do so.

Opportunity To Participate In Government
If you are interested you may also decide to participate in local government, which is another way to actively be involved in maintaining the land uses in and around the Bull Valley area. Some residents of the village have served, or still participate in some form of local government, as Trustees, as members of the Planning and Zoning Commission, or the Stickney House Foundation. The Village Board and all the committees work together to help protect the Bull Valley lands.

The Village of Bull Valley has influence over many land use activities both in the Village and within the mile and a half of the Village boundaries. The Village’s in depth Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Subdivision Ordinance provides these guidelines to protect and control these land uses.

The Annexation Process
The annexation process begins when a petition is filed by the property owner or owners. The property must be contiguous to another property that is in the Village. If a property is not contiguous the owner desiring annexation can sign a pre-annexation agreement. The property owner may also request certain zoning classifications, variations and special uses sometimes referred to as “conditional uses” and can be memorialized in an annexation agreement. Those requests can be handled concurrently with annexation.

If a property is not contiguous but surrounded by previously annexed land, the property in question could be annexed to the Village under certain circumstances.
The Village Board will assess each annexation request on its merits.

A public hearing is required for a change in zoning, zoning variations, special uses, and annexation agreements. Non-conforming use agreements do not require a public hearing. After the required form is completed and submitted to the Village, the Village attorney will draw up an Annexation Ordinance to be considered by the Village Board. The Petitioner will be notified of the meeting at which consideration will take place.
For Annexation forms and an Annexation Brochure call 815-459-4833.