2020 Census

Beginning in mid-March the Census Bureau will send a mailing inviting you to go on-line and fill out a census report for your household. An accurate count in the 2020 Census is extremely important to the Village with respect to any future federal and state grant funding and basic revenue sharing. Our municipal share of state funds for motor fuel tax and income tax, among others, is based on our total population count. Consider completing your census form as another way to help increase revenue for the Village by making sure we have a complete count of every household.

Census counts are also used to adjust the County Board District boundaries. Changes to County Board District 6 boundaries for Greenwood Township and the Greenwood Road District would have a negative impact on our Road Projects. Our 2019 resurfacing in Shadowood Subdivision and South Thompson Road was completed under a joint agreement with the Greenwood Road District, at a substantial savings to the Village. The 2020 North Valley Hill Road Project is also under an agreement with the Greenwood Road District. If you are in the Village and also in Greenwood Township it is doubly important to make sure your household is fully counted in the Census.

Census information is confidential; the Census Bureau is forbidden to release it to any other government agency or law enforcement.  For more information go to https://www.census.gov/