About Us

The Stickney House Foundation is currently a 501(c)3 federally recognized organization.  While the foundation is pursuing recognition by the state of Illinois as a non-profit foundation, it continues efforts moving forward with the established mission to restore and preserve the 158 year old historic home.  As the Stickney family chose to establish their roots within McHenry County and as time has past, a result developed allowing this family’s private home to become an important community landmark.  To date it is located within the general heart of the Village of Bull Valley and maintains full time use by the village staff and volunteers.  Therefore, the foundation as an organized group looks to protect the heritage of this valuable historic home and continues to promote fundraising efforts through various events held within the local community.  The generous donations received will be applied to restoration projects and the intent will always be to transform the structure back to its former glory.  The success of the future restoration projects can be recognized by the continued stabilization work already completed to date within the house and around the existing property.

The committee is comprised of both village residents and non-residents. All ten active members are tasked to oversee the planning and distribution of funds donated for the benefit of the on-going restoration process. Protection of the home and its property as well as preservation of all the historic details will remain the constant goal for the foundation members.

The current foundation president is Nicole Horn while the Village of Bull Valley’s trustee liaison is Peter Helms.  Contacting the foundation is best by either phone at 815-459-4833 or by mail at PO Box 553, Bull Valley, IL 60098.  The foundation will be launching a new updated and reconstructed web site in mid April 2014.  Also please “Like us on Facebook” at The Historic Stickney House Foundation.  Lastly, we will be advertised in the McHenry County Visitor’s Guide booklet.  The next issue is to be mailed and available on line in their ebook at their website starting mid May 2014 through May 2015.